Dangers On The Road That Could Lead To Road Accident Compensation

Roads present a dangerous challenge, especially when you have to cope with icy roads, bad weather and increased congestion caused by seasonal holiday traffic, not to mention the reckless behaviour of drivers who may have been drinking alcohol or distracted by a phone call. One lapse in concentration and you could become involved in a road accident claim.

10,000 road accidents occur every day, which result in 300,000 injuries, and many of these incidents ending up with road accident claims being made against the negligent driver. Factors leading to accidents include vehicle failure and the poor condition of the roads themselves, but 90% of accidents are as a result of human error.

Most vehicle failures are caused by poor maintenance. As an example, a road accident claim may arise when drivers mistake a car for a motorbike when only one headlight or brakelight is working. It is therefore vital for all road users to ensure that the vehicle they are driving is in good condition.

The roads are now in a worse condition than they were in the 1970s, with one in every 5 miles of road failing skid tests. Inadequate road drainage, badly positioned road signs and pot holes are often the cause of accidents.

Nevertheless, the biggest cause of road accident claims is human error. Distractions such as mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, children screaming in the back seats, or something as minor as a spilt drink are the cause of many thousands of road accident injuries. People illegally using hand held devices whilst driving have 4 times the chance of being in an road accident compared to other drivers. Misjudging the speed or direction of other vehicles is another common error, and alcohol, drugs and fatigue impair co-ordination, the perception of speed and reaction times.

14% of all road accidents and 35% of all road related deaths are as a result of tiredness or drinking alcohol. A vehicle's speed is only one factor in causing a road accident but excess speed plays a part in countless mishaps resulting ultimately in the payment by insurers of road accident compensation.

Winter weather can change dramatically within a matter of minutes. You may be driving in clear, bright conditions one moment, only to run into fog and sleet the next, which rapidly gives way to blizzards and black ice. One slip or slide and your car could be off the road or in collision with another vehicle.

It is not easy to escape liability for a road accident claim by blaming it on a problem with the road, the car, or wet or icy conditions. It is for you to drive within your capabilities and heed the traffic conditions. Not only may you be responsible for damaging someone else's car as well as your own, but you could cause major injury to other road users. Your insurance company may pick up the vehicle damage and the road accident compensation claim but responsibility remains with you forever.