Five Golden Rules Of Driving Traffic With Articles

Golden Rules exist to show you how, to be followed, to get used... It makes little difference what your ultimate goal is or what challenge you face. Listed here are my 5 best Golden Rules to getting traffic using article marketing.

Golden Rule # 1: Always use high quality articles.

The tried and true purpose of carrying it out this way is because search engines and article directories like high quality unique articles, which add value to it. In order for them to reward you articles with the necessary traffic and "link juice", you must feed them with good articles. Remember, if your articles are boring or full of grammar mistakes, the visitor would most likely just hit the back button and never click through to your site or blog. Resulting in a poor performance of your article marketing efforts.

Golden Rule # 2: Outsource the Writing (Optional).

This can be very important because it saves you a lot of time, so that you can worry about other, more important parts of your life. You will want to take into account that not all article writers are created equal. In order to find a good article writer, you must dig deep. Here are some places to get you started: DigitalPoint, Craigslist Philippines, Elance, Freelancer. My personal favorite is Craigslist as it provides the absolutely cheapest article writers for a good price. You may want to spend a few dollars testing out their writing skill by assigning them some minor articles.

Golden Rule # 3: Always Research Your Keywords Properly.

This really is advisable because you don't want to be targeting the wrong market, or else the visitors who click through your link won't convert. They could just simply hit the back button and never be bothered by your site again. Keyword researching is also important because of the search engine optimization aspects of Article Marketing. Search Engines like Google like high quality relevant links, which can be easily obtained by submitting your high quality articles to Article Directory. Once your articles get accepted in the directory, the directory will reward you by sending "link juice" to your website, and Google will rank your web pages higher in the keyword you are targeting for.

Golden Rule # 4: Always Proofread your Articles.

There are various ways to do this, including simply reading over the article before submitting it. Even something as simple as that can catch many of the grammatical mistakes you made. But there are amazing tools such as Spell Check that will do all the hard word for you. If you really want to get fancy, then send it to an editor who can proofread and edit your work, and add some final touches to make it a true masterpiece.

Golden Rule # 5: Always Promote the Published Article

You could do this by simply submitting the published article to some social book marking sites. This might be important for you because if you don't promote the published article, it will be a complete waste of time. You won't receive much traffic to the published articles, which in turn won't get you many visitors to the site you are promoting.