Laws Governing A Car Crash

If you have ever been involved in a car accident you will be aware that it can be a very traumatic experience. Even the most seasoned drivers can experience a shock reaction to the smallest of crashes. In these situations it is important to keep calm and do your best to keep yourself and other road users safe. You also need to remember to follow the law governing road traffic accidents; otherwise you could find yourself in trouble later on. Laws were introduced to govern the actions of those in road traffic accidents and to stop people for not taking responsibility for the event. If you are the driver of a vehicle that has been involved in an incident then by law there are two things you must do.

Firstly, you need to stop your car and remain at the scene of the accident for a reasonable amount of time. Secondly, you are required to give your vehicle registration number and your contact details to anyone who has reasonable grounds to request it. It is important to exchange these details with all parties involved in the accident so that you may conclude any motor insurance claims that may arise from the incident. It is also important to obey these two laws in case the police need to become involved and require a statement or your personal details.

These laws apply to all road accidents that result in a person or an animal being injured (an animal is defined as horse, cattle, ass, mule, pig, dog or goat) or if damage has been caused to another vehicle or someone else's property.

If you break these laws then you could be deemed to have committed an offence such as failing to stop or failing to report and accident. If you are unable to exchange the necessary details at the scene of the accident, then it is important that you report the incident to the police as soon as you can within the following 24 hours. If anyone has been injured as a result of the accident you are also required to produce your certificate of motor insurance.

If you do not have this with you at the time, you then have an obligation to take a copy to the police station nominated in your incident report within seven days of the accident. When reporting a road traffic accident it is important to note that you must do so in person. Reporting the incident by phone is not sufficient and you are not permitted to have another person report the incident for you. If you fail to follow the laws correctly the penalties can be severe with a possible disqualification from driving and up to six months imprisonment for the worse cases.

You can also receive penalty points on you license, which you will have to report to your motor insurance company. Whilst being in a road traffic accident is no doubt a scary experience, it is important to keep calm and follow the law in order to keep yourself safe.

By: Rochelle Martinez