New Threats To Irish Road Safety

With ever increasing numbers of cars coming onto the roads in Ireland every year the need to ensure drivers are kept safe is more important than ever. This is not a problem which has gone unnoticed by both road safety campaigners and car insurance companies who are encouraging drivers to consider their driving habits more carefully before taking to the roads. A number of initiatives have been introduced to try and reduce the number of accidents on the road but the problem with these is that they will only work well if drivers decide to adhere to them.

In the past one of the biggest threats to safe driving on Irish roads was speeding, with a high percentage of people admitting to driving above the speed limit on a regular basis, especially when using motorways. Accidents which occur when drivers are traveling above the speed limit on roads, often result in more tragic and damaging consequences than had they been adhering to the limit. Whilst speeding still occurs, nowadays a new problem is also cropping up.

The leaps in technology of the last decade have provided us with new gadgets and toys to ease our everyday life, and safe driving is now threatened by the distraction these gadgets cause. The number of people who use satellite navigation systems in their cars to ensure they get from A to B has increased significantly, as they have become more affordable and simpler to use. In addition it is now almost unheard of to find someone who does not have a mobile phone that they carry around with them so they can keep in touch with family, friends or work.

Taking all these devices into the car with you when you are driving is more likely to cause you lose attention when on the roads. As with other road safety threats there are ways in which the risk can be minimized. Ensuring that satellite navigation systems are set up prior to driving and using a blue tooth or hands free device with a mobile, are a few ideas that will all help keep people's concentration focused on the roads and lead to fewer accidents.

This in turn could lead to motorists being better off financially, with many car insurers offering good deals on insurance to those drivers who can demonstrate a good and accident free driving history. As with most of the safe driving initiatives, it is usually only a few simple steps that are required before driving on the roads becomes a more pleasant and safer experience for all.

By: Rochelle Martinez