Police Car Lights - Safety Warning And Informing The Public On The Highway

It would seem that every hour at least throughout the day and night we hear and see police cars. They speed around our cities and towns all hours and we probably don't give then a second thought. Police car lights are however crucial in maintaining safety and keeping officers visible as they go about their work. Lightbars that warn with strobe lights and inform with traffic advisor lights are an all too familiar sight and police vehicles are probably the most visible and recognizable vehicles on our roads and highways. Without the lights police officers couldn't get to anywhere safely at speed, which is why the correct lights are vital pieces of equipment.

A speeding police car is a danger to the officers inside and anyone that encounters them on the road. We need to know when a police car is approaching at speed so we can react and act accordingly and appropriately. Police car lights form part of the warning system along with the siren. Vehicles need to be both seen and heard and the lights without the siren are useless so they are used in conjunction as part of the warning system. We tire of and complain of hearing sirens all day and every day, but if an officer were speeding to your aid, it would be a sound and sight you would welcome.

Police car lights from the indicators to the lightbars are all valuable and have a role to play in maintaining safety on the road. The indicators let people know which way a vehicle is turning, and some police vehicles have additional lighting built into their indicator unit's front and rear to give additional warning power. Of course, Police car lights can be internal and external and both have a role to play. An internal dash light facing outwards can protect officers as it blinds people outside the car to who or how many people are in the car. This can give officers protection from becoming a target.

Externally you will see lightbars on police vehicles and these are ever more sophisticated. With third generation LED lighting and variable flash patterns, a lightbar can give an immense amount of light. LED Police car lights are fairly standard now and have replaced halogen and other lighting options. The reason LED Police car lights are now popular is that LED lights are extremely energy efficient. They produce little drain on a vehicle battery. LED light output is superior and can be seen over long distances in poor light and weather conditions.

Police car lights are a necessary item on a vehicle, whether it is a single lightbar with white, blue and red lights or a tiered lightbar with takedown, alley and traffic advisor lights. The simplest unit to the most versatile and comprehensive light unit will give long lasting protection and warning. LED lights contain no moving parts, are virtually maintenance free and are now at much more affordable price points. In the past LED Police car lights were very expensive, but with new more up to date manufacturing processes they can be made in massive amounts at a fraction of the cost as the first LED lights.

By: Sunil Punjabi