Rules And Regulations Of Car Driving In Uk

Car Driving Rules in UK

Nowadays car driving has become a general thing for each human being but the thing is, everyone wants do drive their car without the knowledge of rules and regulations of car driving. This may leads to unnecessary penalty paying to the traffic wardens. So here are some of the main rules that to be followed while driving a car in UK.

1. Sitting and Driving on the left side is common in UK and the seat belt while driving is compulsory

2. UK has number of speed limits and which vary in every places around UK and here are some of the speed limits that to followed while driving in and around UK,

30 m.p.h. in towns and villages

60 m.p.h. on normal country roads

70 m.p.h. on motorway & dual carriageway

3. Double Yellow lines along the side of the road means no parking at any time, single yellow line resembles parking is prohibited during day times.

4. To Drive the Vehicle in Highways, UK are governed by a set of rules called "The Highway Code" and all the drivers have to pass the driving test to get a license.

5. There are different types of traffic signs that can be distinguished by their shapes and colors, and some of them are

a. Triangular with Red Borders Shows the warning signs

b. Signs within circles with a red border are mostly prohibitive

c. Signs within blue circles, but no red border give positive instructions

d.Direction signs are mostly rectangular and are distinguished by their background colour

6. While Driving the car, you must stop completely at a stop sign before pulling out on a major road, even if you can see that no traffic approaching

7. On Country Roads, sharp bends are shown by signs and the severity (tightness) of a bend is indicated by white arrows on a black background (or vice versa); the more arrows, the tighter the bend (so slow down).