Touch Screen Kiosks And Displays For Police Stations

In the ever changing world of technology there has never been a better time for the adoption of touchscreen devices for interfacing to Police services. Young people and old alike have become accustomed to using touchscreen based interfaces when interacting with council services, buying tickets and using self-service checkouts at supermarkets. In each case, a touch screen solution has been created as a means of reducing costs, increasing the range of services offered or making a service available 24/7 or to specific groups of people.

Touchscreens are a simple technology which is positioned over the front of a display. Users are familiar with using PDA and mobile phones with touchscreen interfaces and a touchscreen monitor or touchscreen kiosk works in a similar way. Within the field of touchscreens there exist different technology options, the two main ones being resistive and capacitive touchscreens. Capacitive toushcreens enable more visible light to get through the touchscreen element but rely on a user physically touching the screen with their body - a gloved hand does not work with a capacitive touchscreen. Resistive touchscreens will work being touched by finger, nails or any other pointing object. Alternatively projected capacitance can be used where it is necessary to provide a protective vandal resistant glass screen between the display and the user.

How can the Police service benefit from touch screen kiosks?

In the busy reception area and waiting room of modern police stations often there is a limitation on space combined with an influx of people requiring support, advice and assistance. Touchscreen interfaces can be implemented in many areas of the police station to help with processing of the public and other users.

Police Station Virtual Reception Kiosks:

Police staff may sometimes have to spend time answering trivial and commonly asked questions. These tasks can be a distraction from more important work and service users which require more detailed attention. The virtual reception kiosk is installed in the reception area of the police station and provides access to a wide range of website based information to support, and advice service users on various issues. A telephone handset can be included (ruggedized) to enable users to make free phone calls to supporting organisations, solicitors and other help. The kiosk would be branded to fit with each location and include pictures of the local community so that it is seen as a community support kiosk. Options including the ability to report a crime using the kiosk, or download useful factsheets can all be including. Additionally, kiosks can be used to help show people directions.

In-Community Police Touch Screen Kiosks

Police point-of-presence touchscreen kiosks can be installed at shopping centres, supermarkets, hospital A&E departments and many other locations with high footfall. Just like the Police virtual reception kiosks they can be used for a growing number of applications including: crime reporting, advertising vacancies and important local messages, providing access to police websites, video and other content. By adding a rugged telephone handset users can also speak to victim support and other agencies.

Police Survey Kiosks

Touchscreen-based surveys can also be implemented to get feedback from service users. This can be done on touch screen kiosks located in the reception area but also in other areas of the station including custody areas.

Interactive Digital Signs

Similar technically to the touch screen kiosks but with larger screens, an interactive digital sign is another platform that the Police service can employ to provide an interactive service to users. Screens sizes from 22in to 50in or more can be implemented running individual or synchronised messages. Smaller touchscreen monitors (from 7in to 19in) can also be used for on-desk signage ro where space is tight. The digital signs can also be linked to RSS/Twitter feeds to provide simple messaging feature for users.

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