What Determines The Cost Of Driving Lessons

The importance of learning how to drive cannot be underestimated. As a matter of fact, even schools teach students about traffic and road rules in an interactive and fun way. There are driving schools also where you can learn the basic techniques in driving on expressways and different street surfaces. In general, a driving lesson is a requirement for anyone who wishes to obtain their driving permit or license. If you are about to enroll in a driving lesson, the driving tuition cost may be your primary concern. Thus, it would help if you can get a better understanding of what factors can affect the cost of driving lessons.

In general, the cost of learning in a driving school is dependent on the number of hours of instruction you take. There are classroom lessons that could cost from $30 to $180. On the other hand, you can enroll in some driving lesson packages that will include some hours of classroom instruction plus actual driving training. The driving tuition fee for these packages is usually around $400.

Classroom Instruction

The style of classroom driving instruction may vary depending on the driving school. However, in general, students are made to watch educational videos that demonstrate how drivers should properly observe traffic rules. The total number of hours to be taken in a classroom instruction could reach up to 30 hours, just like the case in the state of California.

Behind-the-Wheel Classes

In most cases, behind-the-wheel or actual driving classes can take an hour or two for each session. The sessions may then go for several days or may even take weeks to complete depending on the package chosen by the student. These days, the majority of student drivers opt for actual driving training in a car with automatic transmission. Nevertheless, there are still stick-shift driving lessons available at present.

Required Materials

Upon enrolment in a driving school, students get to have the materials necessary to aid their learning. These materials are usually included in the driving tuition they pay as they enroll. The materials provided by driving schools include reading materials, a driving handbook, along with some sample driving tests to measure students' understanding of the materials provided. In some schools, some curriculum readings and lesson plans are also distributed to aid students in their written tests. These materials are a big help in preparing students to drive on the road.

Aside from the basic reading materials, other supplemental sources are also given to student drivers. For instance, there are driving institutes that give students DVDs wherein students can learn about the guidelines on safe driving.